Why You Should Throw a Company Party For Your Employees

Though it might take some effort to find and book and event venue, arrange for catering, and organize a schedule of events, throwing a company party is well worth the time and money. At Imperial Banquet Hall, we see the positive effects that corporate parties can have on employees first-hand, and we’d like to share some of our insights with you now!

Social Activities Help Create Social Bonds

Just like a sports team, an office functions best when all of your “players” work together to accomplish a common goal. One of the best ways to create strong social bonds between cubicle-mates is by throwing a holiday party, staff appreciation party, or a celebration for meeting sales goals. While team building exercises and games can give employees something to talk about on Monday morning, simply getting everyone together in a non-work environment is enough to create a sense of community and cement relationships between coworkers.

Give Employees Something To Look Forward To

A company party can help break up the monotony of a the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month working schedule and give dedicated employees a “light at the end of the tunnel,” so to speak. Studies have shown that employees work harder when working toward a goal, and the corporate event can be tied to company-related benchmarks – “we’ll have Christmas party is we reach our sales goals for two consecutive quarters” – to help motivate your staff.

Parties Convey A Bright Future

If the company can afford to throw a party for its employees, it conveys a sense that the company’s future is bright. Employees are more likely to give you their all if they know their jobs aren’t in jeopardy, and a confident staff is, in most cases, a happy staff. Posting quarterly sales reports is one way to convey that your company is healthy, but throwing employees a party is a great way to show them your business is doing well!

There’s No Better Way To Say “Thank You”

Recognizing the efforts of your staff is the best way to maintain a positive working environment and minimize turnover, and what better way to say “Thank you for all your hard work” than by taking the time to organize a company party? Handing out awards like “Salesman of the Year” or “Team Leadership Awards” may seem cheesy to some, but publicly acknowledging staff members has been shown to boost productivity and increase employee loyalty.

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