20 Practical Wedding Registry Ideas

One of the best parts of wedding planning is getting to set up your wedding registry. There’s nothing like running around a store, choosing the things that you’ll need to kick off your marriage together, and couples will often try and find a store that carries most of the gifts that they’re looking for. When […]

7 Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

All right, so you’re the maid of honor. A lot is riding on you. You’re responsible for being in the bride’s corner and helping with wedding preparations, bridal showers, and everything else that comes with the job. You need to step your game up and be on top of everything, and there are certain qualities […]

6 Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas We Love

One of the most interesting decisions that we see at our events is the wedding table centerpiece. These decorations are so unique to each wedding and each culture, and each bride has her own individual idea about how she wants to bring the table to life. We’ve seen so many gorgeous centerpieces that we wanted […]

8 Questions To Immediately Ask Your Wedding Florist

As one of the most striking visuals of your wedding day, the flowers you choose will play a very important role—and the florist you decide on will, too. For those who have never worked with a florist before, there are several key questions to ask before signing a contract. Keep the questions below in mind […]

4 Inside Industry Tips For Choosing Party Themes

Considering a theme for the party you’re planning? Great! Themed events can be a lot of fun, they make amazing photos, and they add an extra element of festivity. Plus, a party themes can help with other aspects of your event such as the catering, entertainment, and décor. However! Be aware that you should spend […]

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue In Los Angeles

Before you and your fiancé finalize the guest list, decide on what kind of cake you want, book a DJ, or reserve tickets to your honeymoon, you must choose a wedding venue. At Imperial, we know that this can be an extremely daunting task—especially since each Los Angeles wedding venue seems more beautiful and luxurious […]

Wedding Checklist: 6 Important Things To Do After Your Wedding

Whew! You’re married, your wedding and reception are over, and you’ve said goodbye to all that planning, organizing, and mental preparation. Your wedding checklist is officially all checked off. Now you can just relax for awhile, right? Well, yes. However, there are some very important post-wedding things you’ll need to consider. Thank-You Notes This is […]

How To Find The Perfect Quinceañera Dress

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of a quinceañera is the dress. Next to a wedding gown, the quinceañera dress is the most important dress most girls will wear in their life. Having a quinceañera dress chosen will also help determine many other elements of the quinceañera: the theme, the colors, and […]

Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Inspiration

It’s no surprise that so many couples decide to set their wedding date during the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead. While the holiday may be famous for celebrating the lives of those who have passed on, it’s also a celebration of life and love, which makes it the perfect time to get married. A Dia de los Muertos wedding is...

8 Gala Fundraiser Ideas To Make Your Event Successful

Are you planning a gala fundraiser for a charity or nonprofit organization? Whether it’s your first time planning this type of event or you’re an experienced pro who’s looking for some fresh tips, read our article below for some great gala fundraiser ideas to help your event be successful. Ignite Passion If your event is […]

4 Big Ways Wedding Planning Is Getting Techy

Technology gets more impressive every day, and it’s affecting the way we shop, date, eat, and even the way we say “I do”. Think about it: weddings are a lot different today than they were even just five years ago. From advanced wedding planning apps to social media, this continuously-growing digital world is seriously changing […]

Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a day you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. And the best way to capture those memories is with some truly exceptional wedding photographer. Almost every wedding has a photographer on hand, capturing both formal shots and candid moments. But choosing a wedding photographer can be a difficult task. […]

6 Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms

Congratulations! You’re finally engaged, and on your way to a truly amazing wedding ceremony. When it comes to wedding planning, brides usually take the lead, having the final say on everything from wedding decor to catering. But why should your bride-to-be have all the fun? Grooms have a bad reputation of being lazy when it […]

6 Reasons To Host a Small And Intimate Wedding

There’s no right or wrong way to host your wedding. Most couples think they need to invite all their friends, family, and loved ones to their wedding ceremony and reception, and while big weddings can be tons of fun they can also be costly and difficult to plan. That’s why many couples are opting to […]

How Many Guest Should You Invite to Your Wedding?

Getting married is truly a momentous occasion, filled with fanfare, celebration, and plenty of love. Of course, the big day comes after plenty of planning. And the most important decision you’ll make during the wedding planning process is deciding how many people to invite to the special occasion. There’s no right or wrong way to […]

5 Perfect Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year’s Eve is almost here, bringing with it plenty of celebration, excitement, and fun to help ring in 2017. And naturally, you’ll want to do something special to start the New Year right. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is a lot of fun, but you’ll definitely want to have plans before the big night. If […]

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Planner

While many brides love the process of planning every detail of their wedding, many brides do not have the time nor the desire to spend hours and hours planning their wedding. For a busy bride, a wedding planner can be the answer to planning a great event, without spending tons of your free time, bogged […]

7 Wedding Day Beauty Must-Haves

As you get ready to celebrate your big day, there are lots of last minute preparations and things to buy. You’ve probably planned for pre-wedding manicures, massages, and facials, but what about wedding day essentials? Here are some wedding day beauty basics that will help you look the very best for your big day.  Foundation Primer […]

How to Beat the Summer Heat on Your Wedding Day

Getting married in southern California in summer is a beautiful time to wed your true love. And while you will both be looking smokin’ hot, all of your guests will be hot too—sweating hot that is. As wonderful as your wedding will be, you need to take the time to consider and prepare for the […]

5 Skin Care Tips to Get You Glowing Before Your Wedding

Every girl dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day. After all, it probably will be the most photographed event of your life! And unless you are a celebrity with access to treatments from the best estheticians and dermatologists in the industry (or an unlimited amount of money for skin care), you probably need to […]

8 Qualities of the Perfect Maid Of Honor

As a new bride-to-be, you can use all the help you can get with planning your wedding and staying organized. Why do you think we choose bridesmaids and maid of honors? Every girl can use support and love during this incredible phase of her life, and with that being said, it is an important decision […]

10 Fun and Unique Etsy Wedding Favors

Choosing the wedding favor you’ll give to your guests is just one more decision brides have to make. And although you don’t want to spend a ton of time making this decision, you probably don’t want the favors to be just like every other wedding either. Besides, how many picture holders, candles, and engraved chocolates […]

10 Ways to Get Long Lasting Wedding Hair

Every bride has an idea of how they want their hair to look on their wedding day. And they expect their pictured style to last through the pictures, dancing, and the send-off at the end of the evening. But many factors, like dancing and humidity, can cause wedding tresses to fall, wilt, and flatten out […]

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for your Event

Many engaged couples want to save money on their wedding, and as a result, they often settle for their “friend who’s good at making playlists,” to be the evening’s entertainment. However, many couples don’t realize that saving money by using an amateur DJ actually comes with a high price tag. If you’re planning a special […]

Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride

No matter how much you plan for your big day, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. Brides are so concerned about the big details and day-off schedule that they can often forget about the little details and mishaps that may happen. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you are probably familiar with the idea […]

How To Choose The Right Christening Outfit

A baby’s christening ceremony requires a lot of preparation. There’s the date to set, godparents to choose, a location to settle on, a reception to prepare for, and of course a christening gown to purchase for your baby.  It should go without saying that baby boys and baby girls look absolutely precious in christening gowns, […]

Cake! It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

It’s been reported that in 2015, the average cost of a wedding cake for 150 people is between $445-$631. For the most part, wedding cakes are generally frosted and refined, but the trend has changed a little as of late. At Imperial Event Venue, we have been seeing many brides and grooms opting for unfrosted wedding cakes, also called naked cakes. […]

How To Choose The Right Event Catering Company

Aside from the venue itself, the food you serve at your wedding reception, anniversary party, or fundraising gala might be the biggest factor in determining the success of your event. To help you choose the right outfit for your special occasion, Imperial Event Venue has identified a few elements that distinguish the great catering companies […]

Armenian Wedding Traditions

At Imperial Banquet Hall & Wedding Venue, we are no strangers to large ethnic wedding and unique cultural events. Armenian weddings, with their vibrant traditions and extravagant receptions, hold an especially special place in our hearts, and to commemorate the Armenian couples who will celebrate their nuptials at Imperial this year, we’ve decided to share […]

Things To Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

In a big city like Los Angeles, there are literally thousands of places to host a wedding reception, corporate gala, or coming-of-age event. And while the event’s budget will likely play the biggest role in helping you determine where your celebration or function will be held, organizers, parents, and couples should consider several other factors […]

Four Venue Elements That Make Wedding Dreams Come True

He asks the Big Questions. She says “I will!” The couple gleefully calls family members and friends to tell them the good news. Obligatory engagement ring Instagram posts follow. The happy couple sets a tentative date for their special day. Now comes one of the most difficult decisions they will need to make in their lifetimes: […]

Imperial’s Favorite Culturally-Inpspired Wedding Traditions

Observing unique traditions are important for preserving an individual, couple, or community’s cultural identity, and in no other celebration do we see the prevalence of cultural influences more than in weddings and wedding receptions. At Imperial Wedding Venue, our brides and grooms incorporate culturally-specific customs into their wedding to personalize the festivities and pay tribute […]

Expect The Best at Imperial Venue in Los Angeles

Today, most Americans have become accustomed to settling for things that fall short of expectations. Think of your career, your car, your relationships, or even what you had for dinner last night; chances are, you’re a bit disappointed with at least one of those things. For many of us, this disappointment is so ubiquitous, it’s now become […]

A Simple Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

At Imperial Venue, we often see brides trying to make difficult decisions regarding the specifics of their special day: Who should I invite? What type of dress should I wear? What music should we play? What kind of cake should we have? Hard though they may be, many of these decisions are made simpler by the […]

Three Keys To Hosting a Successful Business Mixer

Business mixers (also called networking events) are excellent places to meet fellow business professionals, develop business contacts, and socialize with like-minded people over good food, drinks, and entertainment. Most importantly, business mixers give company owners, executives, and employees a chance to establish their brand identity and make others in the community aware of their goods […]

Imperial’s Guide To Writing Wedding Thank-You Letters

Because much of our modern-day communication is dominated by texts messages and rapid-fire emails, many new couples don’t have much practice penning a heartfelt thank you letter to send to their guests – in fact, some of today’s brides or grooms (I’m looking at you, Millennials!) may have never written a letter at all! To […]

How To Plan An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

While throwing your best friend a bridal shower is a special way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with all the important women in her life, hosting a big party to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime occasion is no easy task. To make sure your bestie/bride-to-be’s celebration is a success, the event coordinators at Imperial have put together […]

Why Banquet Halls Are Better For Birthday Parties

Birthday parties require a lot of planning, but before you finalize the guest list, menu, or entertainment, you must first decide where the party will take place. While parks, beaches, and private residences are all viable options, few celebration locations can match the convenience and simplicity of hosting your party at a full-service banquet hall. […]

Four Amazing Hotels Close To Imperial Banquet Hall

While the City of Pasadena offers a myriad of lodging options for out-of-town wedding guests, business event travelers, or those attending charitable galas, Imperial Banquet Hall recognizes that not all accommodations reflect our event venue’s standards of excellence. For a truly extraordinary hotel experience, book your stay one one of our staff recommended establishments. The best news: […]

Amazing Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Arguably the most important birthday in a young woman’s life, a girl’s Sweet 16 party should be marked with great music, delicious food, and of course, lots of amazing gifts. If you’re unsure what to get the birthday girl to commemorate her special day, consider one of these can’t miss present ideas from Imperial Banquet […]

How To Plan An Unforgettable Retirement Party

Planning a retirement party can be a stressful task, but it need not be if you keep these simple tips in mind. Whether organizing a company-wide celebration with hundreds of attendees or coordinating an intimate function with only a dozen coworkers,  Bid your boss farewell in style with these great retirement party tips from Imperial. […]

Coming Of Age Traditions From Around The World

Though “coming of age” events are celebrated differently in different cultures, the transition from childhood to adulthood is always a significant stepping stone in a young person’s life. Before booking your Quinceanera, Bar Mitzvah, or Sweet 16 Party at Imperial, check out these interesting, bizarre, and even painful traditions from around the world! The Jewish […]

Get In Great Wedding Shape With These Easy Fitness Apps!

Do you want to lose weight or get toned-up before your wedding? If you’re like every other bride in the world, the answer is probably “Yes! Of Course!” With everything else on your plate, however, it can seem overwhelming to also consider structuring a fitness plan and diet. Luckily, these days there are (literally) hundreds […]

What To Do After Your Event: A Guide To Following Up

After months of intense planning and one amazing evening, your wedding reception, birthday party, or business event is now behind you. Professional planners, however, know that just because the function is over doesn’t mean the work is complete. To ensure your gala, celebration, or conference has the greatest impact and all your guests feel valued, Imperial’s […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Event Catering Company

Planning an event can be an anxiety-inducing ordeal, especially for those without a lot of experience dealing with event planners, decorators, and entertainment professionals. Working with a catering company can be particularly stressful, especially when you consider how much the right (or wrong) food can impact the success (or failure) of your party. How do […]

Honoring Your Grad: Imperial’s Graduation Party Guide

As the school year draws to an end, seniors across the country prepare to don caps and gowns and receive their hard-earned diplomas! What better way to celebrate your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild’s accomplishments that by hosting a one-of-a-kind graduation party in their honor. To help you plan this important event, Imperial Banquet […]

Buy A Gown And Save A Life: Brides Against Breast Cancer

Though we don’t often think of weddings as being altruistic occasions, a Florida-based organization called Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC) is attempting to marry (sorry!) wedding gown shopping with the concept of helping others by selling perfectly-preserved, once-worn dresses at drastically discounted prices! Now, during the BABC “Nationwide Tour of Gowns,” proceeds from the sale of hundreds [...]

Imperial’s Wedding Cake Guide For 2015

Among the hundreds of important wedding decisions every couple must make before their Big Day, choosing a wedding cake is likely one of the most difficult. With endless combinations of cake shapes, fillings, decorations, and toppings, narrowing down your options may seem like an impossible task! Luckily, Imperial’s handy 2015 Wedding Cake Guide will help […]

The Crazy Origins Of Our Most Beloved Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered why most traditional weddings have bridesmaids and groomsmen? Or why the wedding band is worn on the third finger on the left hand? Imperial Event Venue’s coordinators scoured the internet to find the answer these, and other, questions about the origins of some of our most beloved wedding traditions; you’ll never […]

5 Ways To Make The Morning Of Your Wedding Day Magical

Though it may not seem as pressing as finalizing the catering menu or deciding on the floral arrangements for your ceremony, planning out the details of the morning of your wedding day is an important, and often overlooked, part of creating an enjoyable and stress-free wedding experience. For a morning that you’ll remember for years to […]

12 Tips For Planning The Best Quinceañera Ever

You’ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl: the day when your closest friends and family members get dressed up, stuff their faces full of comida deliciosa, and celebrate your transition from childhood to womanhood by dancing the night away at your quinceañera. Planning an event this big may seem scary, […]

Getting In Shape For Your Winter/Spring Wedding

A wedding – and with it, the added pressure to look your absolute best in front of all your friends and family – can be a stressful occasion, especially if your special day comes on the heels of the “eat everything in sight” Holiday Season. According to a Brides.com American Wedding Study, 80% of brides […]

Five Awesome Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

For many companies, a corporate Holiday Party is a great way to create memories with teammates and solidify productive working relationships. But aside from the promise of free cocktails and food, how can you, as a manager or events coordinator, motivate employees to get excited for this bond-forming social event, especially when many workers are looking forward […]

15 Money-Saving Tips Every Bride and Groom Should Know

From baking your own cake to using family rings instead of costly new ones, these amazing money-saving tips are perfect for bride and grooms planning their special day! With a bit a creativity and help from friends and family members, your wedding can be beautiful and affordable! 1. Buy a second-hand vintage dress online for […]

Bridal Must-Haves: Wedding Day Emergency Checklist

Even during the most well-planned weddings, brides should expect at least a few last-minute hiccups. Under the extraordinary pressure of the occasion, even small problems, like chipped nails and broken threads, can turn into full-blown disasters if solutions aren’t close at hand. To avoid unnecessary stress, follow our wedding-day survival-kit checklist to ensure your dream wedding goes […]

Sweeten Your Wedding Reception With A Candy Bar

Your wedding should be one of the sweetest days of your life; why not keep with the occasion and include a candy buffet at your perfect reception?! Adults and children alike – not to mention brides with a sweet tooth – will enjoy indulging in your favorite treats, and a well-designed sugar-station can make for some […]

Proud To Announce Our New Website!

Imperial Palace Banquet Hall is proud to announce our new, beautifully-redesigned website! Visiting guests will now be treated to dozens of high-resolution images, easy-to-use navigation and interactive features, informative content about our venue and services, and fully responsive browsing that is accessible on any type of device. In revamping our website, we set out to deliver the […]