Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit for the Bride

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No matter how much you plan for your big day, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. Brides are so concerned about the big details and day-off schedule that they can often forget about the little details and mishaps that may happen. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you are probably familiar with the idea of a wedding day survival kit. And chances are, you ended up using some of the items on the big day.

Putting together the “just in case” survival kit is usually a job for the maid of honor and it makes for a great shower gift for the bride. Pack the items up in a cute tote bag and keep it in an easy-to-access place during the reception. Your bride-to-be will thank you for it.

  1. Water. Make sure to pack plenty of water bottles for everyone to stay hydrated, especially if the ceremony and reception are outdoors in hot weather.
  2. Miniature Sewing Kit. You can usually find this at any craft store and it should include mini scissors, needles, thread, buttons and safety pins. No one ever anticipates a wardrobe malfunction!
  3. Q-Tips and Makeup Remover. Hot summer weddings often call for sweat and smudges.
  4. Baby Powder. Speaking of sweat, baby powder soaks up excess moisture on underarms and thighs, and it helps to prevent beaded gowns from chaffing around the arms.
  5. Oil Papers. These can be found at any drugstore in the makeup section and are used to blot excess oil and shine, without removing makeup.
  6. Tampons and Panty Liners. Let’s face it girls, being prepared even if you think you don’t need it is crucial.
  7. Clear Nail Polish. Perfect for fixing chipped nails on the go.
  8. First Aid Kit. This should include Band-Aids, Aloe Vera for burns, and antiseptic cream.
  9. Medication. Be prepared to fight headaches, allergies and ingestion with pain relief, allergy medicine, and Pepto Bismal.
  10. Sunscreen. This is a must have if your wedding is in the summer and should be applied before your fancy makeup.
  11. Bug spray. Any outdoor wedding needs this for protection against nasty mosquitos.
  12. Deodorant. A miniature size will work fine to refresh anyone at any moment (plus, someone is bound to forget theirs).
  13. Tissues. For happy tears while you’re getting ready, when the bride puts her dress on, and during the ceremony.
  14. Lip Balm. The bride or bridesmaids will probably want to freshen their pouts and give themselves some much needed moisture.
  15. Hair pins. Fly aways can be tamed with some blonde or brown hair pins depending on the bride’s hair color. Having some corsage pins for the guys handy is a good idea too.
  16. Hairspray. This should be kept with the hairpins for taming any tresses throughout the evening and on bathroom breaks.
  17. Eye Drops. Red eyes shouldn’t ruin your photos! Pack this along and make sure the bride brings extra contacts and solution if she wears them.
  18. Dental Floss. The last thing the bride wants is to have any pre-ceremony snacks overstay their welcome when walking down the aisle.
  19. Breath Mints. Give the bride one right before she walks down the aisle for a minty first kiss with her new spouse!
  20. Tide-to-Go Stain Remover. It is always better to expect the worse and be prepared for any spills and potential stains.
  21. White Chalk. For when the stain remover didn’t work and you need to cover up a spot on the bride’s dress.
  22. Wardrobe Tape. When the bride’s or bridesmaids’ necklines or sleeves don’t want to stay in place. Static-cling spray is another good product to have handy.
  23. Earring Backs. These little guys are notorious for running off on their own.
  24. Body Lotion. For smoothing any dry patches on knees, elbows, and just shaved legs.
  25. Krazy Glue. You just never know…
  26. Straws. For protecting freshly painted lips while snacking in the bridal suite.
  27. An Extra Mirror. You can always use one more.
  28. Lighter. For sealing frayed ribbon edges or lighting candles.
  29. Granola Bars. These are an easy to carry snack that are perfect for before the ceremony, to munch on the way to the ceremony and during pictures before the reception.
  30. Champagne! Finally, you can never go wrong with a little liquid courage and celebratory bubbly.

As the maid or matron of honor, compile this list of “just in case” items and cross your fingers you won’t need to use it on the big day. And if you do, you’ll be a hero.

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