Must-Haves For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

So, it’s the big day. Your wedding is finally here, and everything is going smoothly—until it isn’t.

No matter how much wedding planning you may do, small wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. Brides can often be are so concerned about the bigger details that they forget about the little situations that can happen.

But of course you’re going to be prepared with a wedding day emergency kit, right? This is something that every bride needs for their wedding, whether she puts it together herself or one of the bridesmaids does. Either way, putting together the “just in case” bridal survival kit is very often a lifesaver.

So make sure you appoint a reliable person to pack these items, bring them the day of, and keep everything in an easy-to-access place during the day. 

Here are the absolute must-haves for your wedding day emergency kit.


Make sure to include water bottles for everyone to stay hydrated, especially if the ceremony and reception are outdoors in hot weather. If the wedding venue can provide water, wonderful! But this is an important element to have in the bridal emergency kit if the venue doesn’t.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Personalized Bridal Water BattlesImage:

Miniature Sewing Kit

You can usually find a mini sewing kit at any craft store, as well as places like Target and Amazon. It should include mini scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins. A mini sewing kit is always handy.


Someone in the bridal party always forgets their deodorant. Tackle this by including a mini-size stick in the wedding emergency kit. Everyone will be grateful.


Q-Tips just seem to be one of those items that everyone always requests. “Does anyone have a Q-Tip?” is a constant question. They have a lot of uses, so be sure to include them in the wedding day emergency kit!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Close Up Q-TipsImage:

Baby Powder

Baby powder is great for soaking up excess sweat on underarms and thighs, and it also helps to prevent beaded gowns from chafing around the arms.

Wet Wipes

These are useful for so many things. Sometimes a tissue just isn’t enough. Wet wipes work for spills, a quick cleaning for your hands, getting marks out of things, and lots more.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Wet Wipes Cleaning ShoesImage:

Clear Nail Polish

Perfect for fixing chipped nails on the go, as well as preventing runs in stockings from getting worse.

Basic Meds

Be prepared to fight headaches, heartburn, and allergies on the wedding day. Your wedding day emergency kit should definitely include headache medicine, Pepto-Bismol, and Tums in case anyone starts not feeling well.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Brunette Woman Taking A White Pill


If the wedding is outdoors or outdoor photographs are being taken, it’s a very good idea to have sunscreen included in the wedding day emergency kit.


Whether it’s wiping away happy tears or cleaning up after a quick snack, having extra tissues or napkins on hand is a must-have not only for your wedding day survival kit, but also for everywhere you go.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Multicolored Happy Tears Tissue BoxesImage:

You don’t want to get stuck with mustard on your hands from the sandwich you just took a bite out of. Keep a solid stock of tissues or napkins for you and the group all day long.

Oil Blotting Wipes

An absolute must addition for the wedding day emergency kit. These convenient little guys can be found at any drugstore in the makeup section, and are perfect for blotting excess oil and sweat without removing makeup.

Bug Spray

See above! This goes if you are in a heavily-buggy area. No one wants mosquito bites at a wedding.

Lip Balm

Another item that is always in need. Don’t let your bride survival kit be without lip balm or chapstick!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Female Hand Holding Red Lip Balm


Let’s face it, ladies: being prepared even if you think you don’t need to be is crucial, especially on a wedding day. Chances are someone will need one. 

Eye Drops

Not a bad thing to have on hand in a wedding day emergency kit, especially if some people have allergies. 

Bobby Pins

With the bride moving around so much on her wedding day, it’s entirely possible that her hair will fall loose or come undone.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Back Of Womans Head With Hair PinsImage:

More than likely, parts of her hair are being held in place with bobby pins, so it’s absolutely crucial to have a handful of extra bobby pins in your bridal emergency kit. Not only can the bobby pins come in handy for her hair, they’re useful for many other things as well.


The bride’s hair stylist will probably bring hairspray, but it’s a good idea to have some extra on hand in case the stylist doesn’t stay for the rest of the day. It’s also good for the bridesmaids to have, because the hair stylist most likely won’t want them using theirs. 

Dental Floss

At a wedding, everyone’s teeth should feel great. Dental floss will help ensure this.

Wardrobe Tape

Perfect for when someone’s necklines or sleeves don’t want to stay in place. Static-cling spray is another good product to have handy in the bridal emergency kit.

Must-Haves For Your Bridal Emergency KitImage: HFSecrets


Someone always needs a lighter.

Tide-To-Go Pen

This is definitely an important item to have in the wedding day emergency kit, whether it be for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, or groomsmen. Let’s face it: everyone is prone to having a little spillage now and then.

Safety Pins

These should be included in the mini sewing kit, but just in case they aren’t, make sure you have them! Safety pins will come in handy for a variety of different situations. Make sure you’ve got a handful of them available.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Safety Pins Lined Up

Extra Earring Backs

Earring backs are so tiny, and are constantly getting lost. Having extras on hand will be very appreciated.

Extra Phone Chargers

Everyone will want these, trust us.


One of the number-one items that should be included in the wedding day emergency kit! Everyone always needs lotion at a wedding.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Tpg Baby Powder Body LotionImage:

First Aid Kit

A must-have wedding day emergency kit item. Yours should include Band-Aids, gauze, aloe vera for burns, and antiseptic cream.

Lint Roller

You love your friends’ dogs, but no one wants to see a lot of pet hair all over a bridesmaid’s dress. Having a handy lint roller will ensure everyone that their dresses and suits will be in tip-top shape all day long.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Woman In Heels Using Green Lint Roller

Krazy Glue

You just never know! This might sound odd, but there’s a good chance a nail might fall off, a jewel or decoration might slip off of a dress, or perhaps a shoe heel breaks. If anything like this happens, you’ll definitely be happy you had some Krazy Glue in the wedding day emergency kit to fix it.


Straws are banned in many places these days, but it’s a good idea to have some on hand for protecting freshly-painted lips while snacking in the bridal suite. Grab some re-usable ones if you’re in favor of the straw ban, but having them around will be appreciated. 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Multicolored Striped StrawsImage:

An Extra Mirror

You can always use one more, right?


At a wedding, there is a lot of talking, often close-up, hugging, and dancing. Making sure everyone has nice fresh breath is important. Mints are a better choice than gum, as gum tends to look terrible in wedding videos and pictures. 

Granola Bars

These are an easy-to-carry snack that are perfect for a quick bite if someone is starting to feel light-headed or hungry. Brides often forget to eat, so including this is important.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Granola Bars With Chocolate ChipsImage:

Cross your fingers you won’t need to use the items in the wedding day emergency kit, but if you do, it’s very nice to know that they’re available. 

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