4 Wedding Planning Questions That You Haven’t Heard

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No matter how many wedding planning articles are out there or how many friends you speak to, there are always going to be random things that crop up during the planning process that take you by surprise. There truly are some things that no one tells you about when wedding planning!

Here are a few of those little things that some of our recent brides brought up with us.

“We wanted a LA Clippers-themed groom’s cake, but our wedding cake baker said we have to get copyright permission to do that. What the heck?”

This one often catches people off guard. Yes, it’s true—if you want any kind of trademarked logo designed in the frosting of your cake, you will need to get written permission from the copyright holder first.

If you think you can get away with not getting permission, think again. If there will be photography at your wedding that could possibly be shared online (and there most likely will be), you’re liable to be sued.

4 Wedding Planning Questions That You Haven'T Heard
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Big companies have entire departments working to hunt for things like this, and in order to protect their trademarked images, they will often take action if they find it.

If you have your heart set on a groom’s cake (or a wedding cake) with a trademarked image on the frosting, it’s wise to take the extra steps and get legal permission from the copyright holder. Your baker should adhere to this as well.

You can read more information on this here.

“Who provides the fresh flowers that we want on top of our cake—the florist or the baker?”

It varies, but in most cases, the florist provides “cake flowers” for an additional fee. These are typically delivered to the wedding venue with the other flowers, and the baker or the wedding coordinator will arrange them on the wedding cake.

4 Wedding Planning Questions That You Haven'T Heard
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Be aware, though, that this is definitely something that you’ll need to bring up in the beginning with both your wedding cake baker and your florist, because some bakers actually won’t put inedible items (or items that they didn’t source themselves) on their work.

Depending on your florist and baker, you may have the option for both of them to provide cake-topping flowers—or neither of them will. If neither of them will provide cake flowers, you can always buy flowers yourself from a different shop altogether. 

“Do I go on my honeymoon with my married name or my maiden name?”

Although you’ll probably be eager to show off your new last name immediately, you probably won’t even have a choice.

4 Wedding Planning Questions That You Haven'T Heard
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Unless you’re taking your honeymoon months after your wedding, you won’t even have time to go through the legal name-changing process before you travel. It takes a bit of time to change your ID, passport, social security, and everything else with your name on it. 

“What type of music should be playing before the ceremony?”

First of all, it’s very important to have music playing in the first place. Guests who enter the ceremony in silence and just sit there with the quiet air around them is just…sad. Make sure your wedding venue will be playing pre-ceremony music!

So, what music is best? That should be your unique decision, but typically string instrumental music works beautifully. You can get plenty more ideas here.

4 Wedding Planning Questions That You Haven'T Heard
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Would you have thought to ask these questions? Hopefully this article will help you in your own wedding planning. If you’re looking for a gorgeous Los Angeles wedding venue, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Imperial. We would love to host you!

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