How To Plan An Unforgettable Retirement Party

Planning a retirement party can be a stressful task, but it need not be if you keep these simple tips in mind. Whether organizing a company-wide celebration with hundreds of attendees or coordinating an intimate function with only a dozen coworkers,  Bid your boss farewell in style with these great retirement party tips from Imperial.

Establish The Retirement Party Budget

A variety of factors–company size, the status of the departing employee, health of the business–may influence how much money you have to spend on your colleague’s retirement party, but regardless of your total funding, it is important to stay under budget. If you are submitting a budget for approval, don’t forget to include the cost of renting the venue, catering and drinks, entertainment for the party, and a nice retirement gift.

Ask Coworkers For Help

If you are in charge of planning and organizing the retirement party, don’t try to do everything alone! Often, coworkers have great ideas for interesting party themes and gift ideas, and some colleagues may be able to offer insights about the retiree that you were unaware of. Remember: this is a party for the person retiring, not yourself; always try to plan things she will enjoy! Don’t be afraid to admit that you need some assistance.

Choose A Venue

Though the choice of venue will ultimately depend on the level of formality at the company, it’s often best to strive for the most elegant setting available. Upscale banquet halls often include event planning services and catering, making them ideal places to host a large retirement party. If the budget doesn’t allow for a large venue, consider booking private dining area at a restaurant or reserving an outdoor pavilion in a park–anything to get out of the office!

Get A Great Gift

When it comes to buying the retirement gift for a beloved colleague, opt for personal and sentimental over expensive and flashy. Great gift ideas include: a photo album with personal notes from coworkers, a nice set of luggage (if traveling is the retiree’s next endeavor), or even tickets for your colleague and their spouse to an exotic destination. Whatever present you choose, it must reflect the retiree’s personality and favor their interests.

Design The Program

Cocktail hour, dinner, slideshows/movies, speeches, presentations–your colleague’s memorable retirement party can take whatever shape you choose, but it is important to have a program in place to keep the event moving. At Imperial, our event coordinators find it best to strike a happy medium between “rigid scheduling” and “just ‘winging it'”. Don’t forget to leave time for socializing and dancing, too!

For more great tips on planning a coworker’s retirement party or to reserve Imperial for your next event, contact us today! We look forward to working with you soon!

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