Hand-Painted Cakes: The Perfect Way To Customize Your Event

Image: Emily Hankins

If you’ve planned an event in the last few years, or are currently planning one right now, you’ve most likely seen quite a few images of hand-painted cakes. This type of cake decoration has been around for awhile, and have been strikingly popular over the last years—and with good reason. Hand-painted cakes are gorgeous, impressive, and highly customizable.

Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Floral Layer Cake On Rustic Table
Image: Nevie-Pie Cakes

Hand-painted cakes are still going strong. They’ve outlasted other party and wedding trends for multiple reasons, one being that the techniques that are used for hand-painting cakes are constantly changing and updating, which means that it doesn’t have the chance to become stale and boring like many other trends. The popularity of hand-painted cakes is less about the idea of it itself, and more about the wide range of design options it opens up.

Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Cake With Foxes Dancing And Flowers
Image: Emily Hankins
Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Cake With Skull And Flowers
Image: Emily Hankins

Anyone who has ever planned an event understands the value of having choices—especially when it comes to food and desserts. Hand-painted cakes offer the opportunity for a theme or personality to be beautifully expressed through an artistic, dazzling cake, literally making a mark on the event.

Images (L-R): The Ganeys | The Sugared Saffron | Emily Hankins

No matter what the theme of your event, or the personality or hobby of the person being celebrated, hand-painted cakes can match it. From bold, colorful designs to more delicate and subtle creations, these cakes will amaze you. The artists behind them are truly fantastic.

Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Cake With Blue Flowers And Striped Ribbon
Image: Emily Hankins

This is another exciting element to hand-painted cakes: the uniqueness of each cake decorator. They all have their own preferred edible paint, food colorings, bases, and methods, and every one of them creates something different. You could ask three different cake decorators to hand-paint a cake for you with daisies on it, and you would receive three very different-looking (yet still gorgeous) cakes.

Images (L-R): The Rose on the Cake | Zaza Marcelle | The Rose on the Cake

If you do decide to go with a hand-painted cake, make sure to find a cake designer/decorator who really understands you and your vision for both the cake and the event. Make sure you like not only their previous work, but also that you like working with them. Listen to their ideas and feedback, but stand your ground with your own concepts.

Images (L-R): Brambleolai | Nevie-Pie Cakes | Brambleolai | The Sugared Saffron | Emily Hankins | Emily Hankins

When you’re designing a hand-painted cake for an individual—such as a birthday boy or girl or a couple who are celebrating a wedding or anniversary—it’s smart to focus on what reflects them. The cake should be a monument and a celebration of what makes that person or people special, and something that they will remember forever.

Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Black Cake With Flowers
Image: The Rose on the Cake
Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Autumn Cake With Umbrella And Leaves
Image: vk.com/ultracakes

Or, if you’re thinking about a hand-painted cake to match a specific theme, have fun with it! Whether your theme is a luau, Tinseltown, a certain decade or movie, rock and roll, famous couples, whatever!, you can bet that a hand-painted cake that goes with your theme will elevate your event with its wow factor.

Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Pink Floral Cake With Silver Flake Topping
Image: Emily Hankins
Hand Painted Cakes With Edible Paint - Blue Cake With Framed Birds
Image: Emily Hankins

Cake-painting is such an incredible decorating technique, and with so many variations and possibilities, it’s a great idea to consider a hand-painted cake for your own event. Look up images to get inspired, get creative, and research some great local cake decorators!

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