How To Find The Perfect Quinceañera Dress

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of a quinceañera is the dress. Next to a wedding gown, the quinceañera dress is the most important dress most girls will wear in their life. Having a quinceañera dress chosen will also help determine many other elements of the quinceañera: the theme, the colors, and the quince girl’s makeup, hair, and accessories. So yes—the dress is quite important!

The issue that lots of girls face is deciding on the perfect quinceañera dress. With countless options available in every color, style, price range, and material, choosing just the right dress can be an overwhelming and confusing process. There are ruffles, feathers, tulle, taffeta, colors of all kinds, and even detachable sections! How is a girl to choose?

Here are some of the biggest things to consider when searching for that perfect quinceañera dress.


The first thing to do when dress hunting is to check out every quinceañera style there is. Look through Pinterest and other websites. Look at what you friends wore to their own parties. Look at magazines, Instagram, and visit stores. There are thousands of quinceañera dress collections from amazing designers. Look around and make mental notes of what styles, colors, and materials you love, as well as what you don’t like. This will help narrow down your options.


Every girl is different, and has different tastes when it comes to dress styles she prefers. And when it comes to quinceañera dresses, there is no shortage of styles. From elaborate ruffles and rosettes to sleek, mature shapes, quinceañera dresses are offered to match every taste. Maybe you want the classic quinceañera “princess” dress that poofs out in a huge skirt, or maybe you like a more simple, flat tulle dress. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re almost certain to be able to find it.


Color can be tricky, since everyone has different skin tones. You might fall in love with a bright blue dress that doesn’t quite flatter you due to your warmer skin tone. And because the color of a quinceañera dress often sets the theme of the party, this can be distressing for many girls. The best thing to do if the color you like isn’t quite working on you is to find a shade in the color family that you want. If you want a hot pink dress but it just doesn’t suit you, try a more subtle pale pink—or vice versa. The smart thing to do is to try several colors, and make a decision based on that.


Budget is certainly a big factor in finding the right quinceañera dress. They can definitely be expensive, but you can find a dress to fit your budget, too. Quinceañera dresses come in all price ranges, and you’re sure to find something to suit your budget. Some girls even have a family member make their quinceañera dress to save, which makes the dress even more special to them.

Body Type

Another big factor in choosing a quinceañera dress is finding a style that works with your specific body shape. Curvy girls may find that a corset-style bodice with a full skirt is very flattering. Tall, thin girls may look best in a long, strapless dress. Girls with a full bust tend to favor halter bodices, and those with smaller chests may want sequin embellishments on the bodice to allow for a little help there. Petite girls look great in a drop-waist or mermaid style dress. The best thing to do is to study your body shape and research the styles that flatter your shape the most. Be sure to also ask an in-store assistant for help if you go into a physical location.


Tulle, lace, taffeta, chiffon, shantung, organza, silk, satin—there are many, many choices when it comes to quinceañera dress materials. Usually the decision comes down to comfort, but personal taste is a big part of the material choice as well. Also factoring in is when a quinceañera is scheduled. If it’s set for warmer months, a lighter fabric will probably be best. But for colder months, heavier materials will be more appropriate. Make sure to look at (and touch) lots of different materials before deciding on one. Wear it and make sure you feel good in it.

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