Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Inspiration

It’s no surprise that so many couples decide to set their wedding date during the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead. While the holiday may be famous for celebrating the lives of those who have passed on, it’s also a celebration of life and love, which makes it the perfect time to get married. A Dia de los Muertos wedding is a romantic, bright, and joyous one overflowing with color, music, and incredible Mexican cuisine.

Below are some reasons why couples love to get married over this special holiday, along with a little Dia de los Muertos wedding inspiration to give you some great ideas.

A Celebration Of Life And Love

Taking place October 31-November 2 in the U.S., Dia de los Muertos is truly a celebration of life and loved ones, which is one of the biggest reasons couples decide to get married over its course. What better way to celebrate life than to join together in marriage with the one who is closest to you?

Another reason that makes a Dia de los Muertos wedding romantic is that it’s very traditional. Celebrated for 3,000 years in Mexico, this holiday has deep roots, just as a good marriage should.

Festive Décor

A Dia de los Muertos wedding will be absolutely gorgeous, with bright and beautiful decorations. Guests will be treated to an abundance of eye-popping flowers, color, and food, and the photos will be stunning.

Great Music

A mariachi band for your Dia de los Muertos wedding reception will be outstanding! Mariachi bands get everyone moving. This type of music can be heart-wrenchingly romantic at one moment, and then lively and upbeat the next.

Unique Wedding Attire

A Dia de los Muertos wedding gets wedding attire that’s a little different than a traditional wedding—more fun, in fact. While brides can, of course, wear whatever type of wedding gown they want, many brides who get married during Dia de los Muertos choose to incorporate lots of color or florals into their ensemble. Some even choose to wear color from head to toe. Wedding attire for Dia de los Muertos weddings tend to be more casual, more comfortable, and always more colorful!

Delicious Food

Mexican cuisine is already delicious, but Mexican holiday cuisine is even better. A Dia de los Muertos wedding can have extra-special culinary delights, such as traditional sugar skulls, candied pumpkins, pomegranate margaritas, potato pan de muerto, spicy champurrado, and of course, tequila.

A Party Atmosphere

Since everyone may have already been celebrating the day before or after, guests at a A Dia de los Muertos wedding will already be in a party mood. Your wedding will feel extra festive and happy when it’s set around a built-in holiday.

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