Imperial Answers The Most Common Wedding Planning Questions

There are so many details and information to know when it comes to wedding planning that couples often find themselves overwhelmed and confused. If you’re currently in the middle of wedding planning yourself and you aren’t using the services of a wedding planner, you may be going through some stress trying to figure everything out.

Here is a list of the most commonly-asked wedding planning questions, and answers from industry experts.

What’s The Best Way To Make A Guest List?

The best thing to do when creating a guest list is to make several drafts—and then review it a few times even after you think it’s finalized. Make sure that your list includes relationships that you value now and will value later. And remember, once you send a save the date to someone, they are definitely invited to the wedding! If you’re on the fence about anyone, don’t send a save the date to them until you’re completely sure that you want them at your wedding.

When Is The Best Time To Send Out Invitations?

Nine weeks before your wedding date is the norm, and you should make your RSVP deadline for five weeks before the wedding date. Giving yourself five weeks to confirm with anyone who hasn’t yet will help keep your timeline in check.

Should We Invite Plus Ones?

You certainly don’t have to, but if your budget allows for it, the wedding venue you’ve chosen can accommodate everyone, and you don’t mind strangers at your wedding, it’s a nice thing to do for your single guests.

Should We Include A Dress Code On The Invite?

Yes. Even if your wedding doesn’t really have a dress code, it’s very thoughtful to include it on the wedding invite just so your guests won’t have to worry over wearing the right thing. If you do have a dress code for the wedding, be sure to be as clear as possible, using the standard wording that everyone understands. Clarity is key!

How Can We Find The Right Wedding Venue?

The most important thing to do is visit the wedding venues you’re considering. Finding the right one will depend on your number of guests, your budget, what is included in the venue, and your own personal preferences. But too many couples make the mistake of not visiting the venue first to see it with their own eyes.

What Should I Know About Contracts?

You should know that they are important and necessary! No matter what the contract is for—the photographer, the caterer, the wedding venue, the band—it’s very important to have a document signed by both you and the vendor that includes things like agreed-upon rates, cancelation and overtime fees, what the services cover, liabilities, and anything else that helps the wedding day go smoothly.

Should We Book A Band Or A DJ?

A live band is always a nice extravagance for a wedding reception. If there’s one time in your life to indulge in live music, it’s your wedding! And there’s just something about a live band that makes people want to dance. If you’re concerned about the budget for a live band, consider hiring them for a couple of hours, and then transitioning into a DJ after dinner.

Should We Have An Open Bar Or Stock Our Own?

An open bar is typically the smartest idea. When it comes to stocking your own bar, with all the costs of liquors, beer, mixers, garnishes, ice, and bar tools, it can actually be more expensive than an open bar fee. With an open bar service, you won’t need to worry about setup or liability.

Do We Have To Offer Entrée Options?

“Chicken or steak?” You don’t need to provide entrée options for your guests, even if it’s a fancier sit-down meal as opposed to a buffet. As long as your catering service provides options for vegans, vegetarians, and guests with dietary restrictions, you can expect your guests to be fine with what you’ve chosen for them. In order to make sure guests with special diet needs are taken care of, let your caterer know ahead of time what needs to be taken care of.


We hope this list will help you if you’re currently in the middle of your own wedding planning. If you’re searching for the perfect Los Angeles wedding venue or are in need of wedding planning services, take a look at what we do at Imperial Palace Banquet Hall. We are industry professionals who know the ins and outs of wedding planning—and we offer a stunning wedding venue. Have a look at our photo gallery, or simply contact us with any questions you may have!

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