6 Reasons To Host a Small And Intimate Wedding

There’s no right or wrong way to host your wedding. Most couples think they need to invite all their friends, family, and loved ones to their wedding ceremony and reception, and while big weddings can be tons of fun they can also be costly and difficult to plan. That’s why many couples are opting to have small weddings, bucking the traditionally large event for a more intimate style.

Small and intimate weddings have tons of advantages, but is a small wedding the right style for you? Well, the team at Imperial Palace Banquet Hall is here to help you decide. We’ve hosted weddings of all sizes at our event venue, and with that in mind we’re providing some reasons why you might want to host a small and intimate wedding.

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1. Smaller Wedding Equals Smaller Budget

Most people plan their wedding budget by determining the cost-per-guest, which means that the more guests you have, the more money you should expect to spend on your event. Naturally, that means that big weddings can cost a fortune while small weddings generally cost less in comparison. If you’re working on a budget, or don’t want to feel forced into spending a lot of money, then you should definitely consider a small wedding.

2. You Can Splurge When You Need To

An intimate wedding allows you to be flexible with your budget. Because your overall cost will be significantly less than a larger affair, you can feel free to splurge on special decorations, gourmet dining, or classy wedding entertainment. We aren’t saying you should go wild, but assuming you can afford it we recommend crafting a budget suitable for a bigger event, that way you have extra funds ready for when you need them. Even with a little extra spending, you’ll probably spend less than if you had a large wedding.

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3. Less Stress When Wedding Planning

Big weddings provide big headaches during the planning process. Many wedding vendors have difficulty serving large events, meaning you’ll have to hunt longer for professionals that can meet your needs. And it’s more difficult to alter your budget with the high costs of a big wedding.

But if you have a small wedding, you’ll have a less stressful planning experience. You’ll be able to find vendors who meet your needs with ease, staying within your budget while finding services sure to impress your guests.

4. You Can Hold Your Reception Almost Anywhere

As the number of people on your guest list rises, the number of event venues that can host your wedding dwindles. Thankfully, one of the biggest advantages of having a small wedding is that you can hold your ceremony and reception almost anywhere.

You can host a simple outdoor wedding, hold your event at a great local restaurant, or rent a classy event venue for a night of fine dining and fun. Your options are limitless!

5. More Time To Interact With Guests

The bride and groom are expected to mingle with everyone at their wedding reception. But when there are tons of guests, that can be pretty difficult. It’s tough to split your time up evenly among all your wedding guests, and some are bound to get offended if you don’t take the time to chat with them. But with an intimate wedding, you won’t have that problem.

A small guest list provides ample time to interact with every guest. You’ll be able to spend time with everyone during your reception, showing your appreciation for their support during your wedding day and throughout your life.

6. A More Memorable Experience

In the end, a small and intimate wedding provides a more memorable experience than a large wedding. You’ll be able to hold your event wherever you’d like, you’ll have money to spare on fine amenities and accommodations, and you’ll have more than enough time to mingle with all your guests. If you’re looking to make your big day as memorable as possible, definitely consider an intimate wedding.

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