Things To Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

In a big city like Los Angeles, there are literally thousands of places to host a wedding reception, corporate gala, or coming-of-age event. And while the event’s budget will likely play the biggest role in helping you determine where your celebration or function will be held, organizers, parents, and couples should consider several other factors before settling on the setting for your memorable occasion, including:

The Size of Your Event

Knowing roughly how many people will be attending your event will help narrow your search, but be sure to inquire about how many guests can comfortably fit in the event space; just because a venue’s “maximum capacity” is 400 people doesn’t mean you should invite 400 people to your event. Also, because catering companies often charge per person (or per plate), knowing your guest count will help define your budget and give you a better idea about how much you can actually spend on venue rental. (Note: many venues offer package deals that include venue rental and catering; don’t forget to ask about included catering options when speaking with the venue’s manager.)

The Formality of Your Event

A Sweet 16 Party doesn’t call for the same level of formality as an upscale gala, obviously, and knowing what type of ambiance befits your event will go a long way to helping you choose the perfect event venue. When touring a banquet hall or conference center, pay special attention to the furniture, decor, flatware, flooring, lighting, and if you can get a sneak peek, the catering; if none of these things fit with the theme and formality of your event, best to keep looking!

The Venue’s Services and Amenities

Amenities like on-site parking and event planning services can make or break a venue, so don’t forget to ask the coordinator or manager about the types of amenities the venue offers, and whether or not these perk are included in the reservation contract. Event venues with on-site catering services should be highly coveted, especially because this guarantees that to food served at your event will be fresh, hot, and delivered on time!

The Event Venue’s Location

While some may seek out venues in out-of-the-way locations, choosing to host your event in a secluded space makes it harder for your guests to travel to your function and to find accommodations close by. Better to host your next party or business conference in a venue that’s located by an airport and surrounded by at least a few nice hotels.

The Venue’s Accessibility

If your big party, gala, or reception is open to guests of all ages and mobility levels, your event venue should be able to offer special accommodations for people with disabilities, small children, or nursing mothers. Failing to make sure your venue doesn’t inadvertently discriminate against attendees might cause embarrassment on the afternoon or evening of your event.

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