Four Venue Elements That Make Wedding Dreams Come True

He asks the Big Questions. She says “I will!” The couple gleefully calls family members and friends to tell them the good news. Obligatory engagement ring Instagram posts follow. The happy couple sets a tentative date for their special day.

Now comes one of the most difficult decisions they will need to make in their lifetimes: where are we going to get married? To help brides- and grooms-to-be select a magical wedding venue, Imperial has identified the four elements that couples say are the most important when choosing a place to get married or celebrate their nuptials. A wedding venue MUST have:

Charming, Stunning Aesthetics

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing a wedding location, a venue’s aesthetics – expressed in the decor, carpeting, molding, chandeliers, layout, and furniture – can immediately set the tone for your wedding. Though each couple’s choice should reflect their personal style and level of formality, it’s a good idea to strive for the most elegant ambiance available, if only for how the venue will look as the background for wedding photos. Special LED lighting, too, can have a huge impact on the impression your wedding venue makes; don’t forget to ask for a demonstration of different color schemes when touring possible locations.

Phenomenal Service

Just as terrible service can leave your guests disgruntled and turn the sweetest brides into bridezillas, great service will make all aspects of your wedding ceremony and/or reception run smoothly and make attendees feel like royalty. To guarantee that your wedding venue’s staff performs up to your service standards, be sure to ask specifics about the experience level of the caterer’s waitstaff and bartenders, the staff-to-guest ratio at your event, and if extra personnel (doormen, valets, coat check attendants, MCs, and restroom attendants) are available for your wedding day.

Amazing Food & Beverages

Food maketh the party, especially when it comes to big ethnic weddings where tradition calls for large feasts and an endless supply of drinks. To simplify the dining process and ensure food arrives fresh at your tables, the best wedding venues include in-house catering services capable of preparing almost any type of food, regardless of preference or cultural proclivities. An experienced bar staff, too, is a boon for cocktail hours and will make your after-dinner drinks the talk of the town!

Plenty Of Space To Socialize & Dance

If your dream is sharing your “first dance” on a beautiful dance floor underneath a crystal chandelier, then a place like Imperial Wedding Venue might be the ideal location for your bridal party. In general, though, making sure you and your guests have plenty of space to move around, dance, and mingle is key to hosting an unforgettable wedding ceremony or reception.

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