Imperial’s Guide To Writing Wedding Thank-You Letters

Because much of our modern-day communication is dominated by texts messages and rapid-fire emails, many new couples don’t have much practice penning a heartfelt thank you letter to send to their guests – in fact, some of today’s brides or grooms (I’m looking at you, Millennials!) may have never written a letter at all! To help simplify the time-honored tradition of writing dozens, if not hundreds, of personalized cards, the wedding planners at Imperial have compiled a few suggestions to get you started!

Thank You Cards for Cash Gifts

Regardless of how much money a guest gives, it’s important that you acknowledge their gift with a thank you note. If you know how you will spend the money – on a new car, for example, or a new television for your home – be sure to include that in the letter as well. Perhaps more important than acknowledging the cash, however, is thanking your guest for their presence; to convey your priorities, thank the guest for coming to the wedding first, then express your appreciation for the wedding gift.

Thank You Cards for Group Gifts

Sometimes, a number of wedding guests will all chip in to buy just one big or expensive gift. Though all the gift’s contributors will likely sign only one card, it’s important that you write individual letters back to all those who had a hand in the present-buying process. Try to personalize the letters as much as possible, and whatever you do, don’t write the same letter three or four or five times! (Your guests will definitely catch on if you do this!)

Thank You Cards to Friends and Family Members

While you probably won’t have trouble coming up with something to say in letters to close friends and family members, you also don’t want to go overboard and spend hours on each card. Be generous with your praise, especially if they played a role the wedding preparations, ceremony, or reception, and let them know that their attendance meant the world to you. Feeling loquacious? Try including how each person has influenced your life in your thank yous!

Thank You Cards for People You Don’t Know Well

Often, you won’t know the person well enough to include anything personal, funny, or particularly touching in your thank you letter. That’s okay! Keep your note short, and sincerely thank them for making the effort to be there on your special day. For letters like these, it may be best to adopt a more formal tone, but try not to sound too stuffy or formulaic in your writing.

Important Tip: Always Double-Check the Name

After all the cards are stuffed in their appropriate envelopes (but not sealed!), spend a few minutes doubled-checking that the name on the card matches the one on the envelope. Nothing is more embarrassing than sending someone the wrong card or thanking them for the wrong gift. Stay organized, and make lists to keep everything straight.

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