How To Choose The Right Christening Outfit

A baby’s christening ceremony requires a lot of preparation. There’s the date to set, godparents to choose, a location to settle on, a reception to prepare for, and of course a christening gown to purchase for your baby.  It should go without saying that baby boys and baby girls look absolutely precious in christening gowns, which is why it’s important to select the best one for your child. The gown is often the most exciting purchase related to a christening ceremony. After all, the focus of this special event is on your baby, so of course you will want him or her to look their best.

Typically, a christening baby gown is pure white, and made out of cotton, silk, smooth satin or soft, delicate organza. White is the preferred color for a gown since it symbolizes innocence and purity – everything your baby is. Gowns can be worn by both baby boys and baby girls, though special rompers and suits are also available for those parents who wish to find alternative apparel for their baby boys.

When you are considering christening gowns for purchase, you should first think about the time of year you will be having the christening ceremony. Spring and summer christening ceremonies dictate baby christening gowns made of light, breathable materials, whereas fall and winter ceremonies would typically use heavier, warmer christening gowns. Sleeve length, weight of the christening gown and the material it is constructed from should all be appropriate for the particular season. Once you have the basics planned for your baby’s christening gown, it’s time to go shopping!

In addition to purchasing a christening gown, you’ll also want to shop for a few accessories. First, there’s the bonnet to consider. Most christening baby gowns are meant to be paired with a matching or complementing baby bonnet. Cross embroidered bonnets and fancy bonnets with ribbons and bows always make beautiful choices. Shoes and socks frequently come in white, and also make great accessories for your choice of christening baby gown. A blanket or a shawl would be appropriate for cooler weather.

Many parents also like to adorn baby girls with tiny, infant- appropriate jewelry items, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A Little Baby’s First Bible, a baby wall cross, little angelic figurines and any number of religious items to celebrate this very special occasion for baby.

Finally, bibs and towels are also common accessories that are paired with a baby’s christening gown. A bib will protect a delicate gown from the baby drool and potential spit-up. A keepsake towel can be used to dry the baby’s head after the ceremony.

In the end, it’s important that the parents and child are both comfortable with the chosen christening outfit. Choose something that looks beautiful in person and in family photos. As an added value, you can also keep the christening gown for future siblings or generations.

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