15 Money-Saving Tips Every Bride and Groom Should Know

Saving Money For A Wedding
15 Money-Saving Tips
15 Money-Saving Wedding Tips That Every Bride and Groom Should Know

From baking your own cake to using family rings instead of costly new ones, these amazing money-saving tips are perfect for bride and grooms planning their special day! With a bit a creativity and help from friends and family members, your wedding can be beautiful and affordable!

1. Buy a second-hand vintage dress online for a unique style.

2. Book the venue on a week-day or out of high season. But don’t get too crazy!

3. Provide the alcohol if the venue allows it.

4. Email or text the invite.

5. Bake your own cake.

6. Use the same flowers at the ceremony and the venue.

7. Pick a venue that you can use for both the ceremony and the after-party.

8. If you know a friend who is handy with a camera, ask them to take the snaps.

9. Use family rings and suits

10. An unusual venue may be more interesting whilst saving money.

11. Sit-down mean are costly. Instead, try a hog roast, a BBQ, or a picnic.

12. Make you own decorations.

13. Apply your own makeup using bridal magazine as a guide.

14. Utilize your friends’ skills for entertainment on the big day.

15. If your friends or family has a quirky car, borrow it for the occasion.