Is Wedding Planning Turning You Into A Bridezilla?

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Let’s face it: while wedding planning can be fun, it can also be extraordinarily stressful, overwhelming, and draining. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of money being spent, and it can seem that everyone wants to get their way. Sometimes people forget that it’s your wedding and not their own.

Let’s face it: while wedding planning can be fun, it can also be extraordinarily stressful, overwhelming, and draining. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of money being spent, and it can seem that everyone wants to get their way. Sometimes people forget that it’s your wedding and not their own.

Even for low-key affairs, wedding planning has the tendency to turn the most chill person into a short-tempered mess. It’s to be expected—but you should also be aware if it’s happening to you and you don’t know it.

Here are some hints that you’re turning into a full-blooded bridezilla. Read at your own risk.

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Your Life Has Become Nothing But Wedding Planning

If you wake up thinking about your wedding plans and go to bed with the same thoughts, and these plans dominate your brain all throughout the day as well, you might be investing too much time into the plans.

It’s understandable. Many people don’t have a wedding planner, and so everything is on their shoulders. However, it shouldn’t be all you think about.

If every conversation you have with a friend, family member, or co-worker slowly turns into you talking about your wedding, that’s a red flag. If you start regularly canceling plans to stay home and research wedding venues, that’s not great. If you pore over Pinterest for wedding inspiration at work when you should be, you know, working, that’s a problem.

Obviously, you need to plan your wedding. However, there’s a time and place for it, and it’s important to not neglect your life and friends during this time. Trust us, balance can be achieved.

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You Can’t Stop Bothering Your Wedding Vendors

If you’ve been contacting your wedding vendors again and again to make sure everything is going according to plan—especially if you already have a wedding planner—then you should probably take a step back. It’s natural to want to check in with your DJ, photographer, makeup artist, florist, caterer, whoever to make sure all is well, but not in an obsessive way.

It’s important for you to entrust the wedding vendors you’ve booked to be the professionals that they are. If you’ve done the proper research on them and they are indeed good at their jobs, just let them be. If you annoy them too much, they may end up deciding to not work with you.

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You Keep Flipping Out On People

From your friends to your dad to your wedding planner to your fiancé(e), if you find yourself snapping at others or getting angry at the drop of a hat, you may very well be a bridezilla.

If someone asking to hang out with you makes you lose it, or if the wedding gets brought up and you feel like exploding, this is a sure sign that things are going south. And God forbid one of your vendors emails you with a problem.

Even if no one has said anything, if this sounds like you, you should consider how to calm down and dial it back a few notches…before no one even wants to come to your wedding at all.

Your Fiancé(e) Has Absolutely No Input

If you’re in love with planning your wedding but your fiancé(e) isn’t so much, your dominance can easily push him or her out of the picture—and you probably don’t want them out of the picture. After all, the wedding is for both of you.

If you haven’t been allowing your fiancé(e) much say, start now. This is a sure sign of you being a bridezilla. It’s one thing if he or she could care less, but ask yourself if you’ve even been giving him or her the chance to voice opinions. Even if they want something that you really don’t want, be open. It’s their wedding, too. They deserve to make decisions, too.

Furthermore, if you’ve started to replace your fiancé(e) with the wedding, that’s a problem. If he or she wants a date night but you can’t because you’re searching for the perfect wedding favors (again), or they want to cuddle with you and watch a movie but you’re designing invitations (again), that is bridezilla territory. It’s time to make a little time for the person that you’re marrying. Be sure that he or she is still high on your radar.

Either allow them to plan with you, or spend some non-wedding-planning time with them. Don’t allow the details of the wedding to steal from the relationship that started it all in the first place.

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Those Closest To You Have Had To Calm You Down

Here’s the biggest sign that you’re becoming a bridezilla:

A friend or family member has had to physically calm you down, or has had to “have a talk” with you about your behavior. Whether it’s obsessiveness, you’re being mean or controlling, or you’re just getting too emotional about it all, if someone who loves you has had to actually speak to you, then you need to take a minute.

Understand that yes, while your wedding is important, it’s not as important as your health and relationships. The wedding will come and go, but the marriage is there for life—so if you’re being cruel to your fiancé(e) or anyone else, it may be time to do something about it.

This might mean that you enlist some help and let some things go. It may mean that you step back and allow your wedding planner to do their job. Whatever it is, it needs to happen sooner than later.

We sincerely hope you haven’t become a bridezilla, and maybe this article will help you to know for sure or not. Take a deep breath and keep in mind that you’re marrying the person you love. And don’t forget that wedding planning is supposed to be one of the best times of your life!

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