Why Imperial Venue’s Service Is The Best in Los Angeles

Though the ballroom, cuisine and flexibility at Imperial Venue are enough to earn us a reputation as one of the best banquet halls in Los Angeles, we believe it is our dedication to providing outstanding customer service that really puts our establishment on the map. To guarantee that your guests will feel pampered and every aspect of your event will be executed perfectly, we make sure that all our staff members – servers, bartenders, valets, managers, and event coordinators – possess the following attributes:


Though we tend to think of it as an umbrella term for our staff’s overall conduct and behavior, professionalism is most evident in the way our waitstaff dresses, speaks, walks, and stands. Because appearances are key to creating an atmosphere of luxury and elegance, our servers, bartenders, and managers are always well-groomed, poised, and eloquent in their speech. Mistakes happen – we are all human, after all – but they are few and far between.


The ability to exercise patience, especially when a patron is inebriated or unreasonably upset, is one of the most important character traits our employees can possess. Instead of escalating a potentially negative situation, our servers, bartenders, and managers are trained to calmly assess the situation and do everything in their power to bring about a swift and amicable resolution.


Great listening skills is an important attribute for all people to have, and Imperial’s staff is no exception. Even when our patrons have a difficult time expressing their desires or concerns, our servers and coordinators take the time to pay attention to each client’s needs. Part of listening is asking questions as well, so don’t be surprised if our waitstaff or planners make inquires about your preferences and the vision for your event.


During your event, guests may have questions regarding the food Imperial’s in-house catering company, Armav, serves, the alcohol we use in our cocktails, the music being played, or various other aspects of your wedding reception, corporate event, or social gathering. Luckily, Imperial’s staff receives extensive training in our venue’s menu items, technical capabilities, and the services we perform.

The Ability to Handle Surprises

If a problem arises that needs a swift and definite solution, Imperial’s staff is trained to think on their feet and resolve conflicts as professionally and promptly as possible. If a mistake occurs, our waiters, kitchen staff, mangers, and event coordinator will do everything in their power to fix the issue and keep your event running smoothly.

Great Communication Skills

At Imperial, we pride ourselves in communicating effectively. Not only does this mean speaking deliberately and confidently, but also asking followup questions to make sure that everyone is on the same page. In our experience, 95% of all conflicts can be avoided when expectations are communicated, received, and understood without impediment.

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