A Mini-Guide To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Most brides love shoes, and picking out the perfect wedding shoes can be a blast. But it’s not as easy as shopping around and buying a pair you love. You’ll need to consider several critical things before settling on a pair that feel good, fit the venue, and look good with your dress.

Check out our tips below on finding the ultimate wedding shoes.

Dress First, Shoes Second

While this isn’t a concrete rule, we have found that it does help to know your wedding dress before purchasing your shoes. Why? Because once you know the length, style, color, and embellishments of your wedding dress, you’ll be more easily able to find shoes that perfectly compliment it. If you go with shoes first, you may end up with a mismatch, and you could even end up tripping on your dress if the shoes don’t work with it. However, some brides who are truly “shoe girls” can go backwards and match the dress to the shoes!

Don’t Want White Shoes? No Problem

Many brides choose colorful bridal shoes for an added pop of color. Blue is very popular, but brides choose all kinds of colors and shades, from purple to yellow, even to red. By deciding on a colorful shoe, you may even make it easier to re-wear your bridal shoes after the wedding day.

Make Sure You’re Okay With The Heels

We get it: you want to look tall on your wedding day. But if you don’t usually wear high heels, definitely do not start with your bridal shoes. Instead, go for a height that you’re used to and feel comfy wearing. After all, you’re going to be wearing these shoes for hours, during one of the most important days of your life. It’s crucial that your feet aren’t killing you.

Consider The Venue

If you’re getting married outside—as in, the beach or a field—heels may not be a good option. Heels will immediately sink in soft earth or sand, so be very mindful of this when choosing your shoes. If you’re celebrating in a restaurant, hotel, or banquet hall with a regular floor, shoes of any kind should be just fine.

Break Them In

Don’t wait until your wedding day to wear your shoes. Even if you’re worried about ruining them before the wedding, it’s important to make sure you’ll be comfortable in them, and to fix any issues before your wedding day. You may wear them and find that your feet slip out, or that they hurt your toes. Trust us, these are not things you’ll want to discover on your wedding day.

Bring A Pair Of Flats

No matter how comfortable your wedding shoes may feel (even if you’ve taken them out for a test spin), if they’re heels, you’ll definitely want a pair of flats to have just in case. You don’t want to be halted from dancing at your own wedding reception because of your shoes. Grab a cute pair of sparkly flats and keep them in your bridal suite. You’ll be very happy you did.

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