4 Big Ways Wedding Planning Is Getting Techy

Technology gets more impressive every day, and it’s affecting the way we shop, date, eat, and even the way we say “I do”. Think about it: weddings are a lot different today than they were even just five years ago. From advanced wedding planning apps to social media, this continuously-growing digital world is seriously changing the wedding industry and how the wedding planning process works. But how, exactly?

The Wonder Of Wedding Planning Apps

The app store has an overwhelming number of apps that can help with your wedding—everything from getting your wedding planning organized to getting inspiration for food, dresses, and venues. (A couple great ones include The Knot’s Wedding Planner app or Wedabout.) Apps like these have a variety of ways to keep your wedding planning on track: to-do lists, connecting with local vendors, finding wedding venues, checklists, and so on. Also, getting great wedding inspiration has never been easier. Just hop onto Pinterest and within seconds, you’ll be overwhelmed with wedding ideas from all over the world.

Bride-to-Be Shopping In 2017

Online shopping has grown increasingly popular over the last decade, with Amazon delivering roughly 1,600,000 packages in the U.S. per day! This same pattern is true in the world of weddings, too. Let’s face it—online shopping makes our lives a lot easier. We don’t have to spend hours and hours shopping for wedding merchandise or touring venues anymore. (Imperial Palace even has an online 360 virtual tour you can take right now! Time saver, right? ) And of course, we mustn’t forget about the major event of dress shopping. Nowadays, all we need to do is pick a few options online, then go try them on in-store. Not only that, but now we aren’t limited to just buying from the stores in our area. We can get creative and order imported centerpieces from India. Who could complain?

Click To RSVP

Although some couples prefer the more traditional route, the e-vite has become increasingly popular for wedding invitations. Save a few trees by using invitation websites like Paperless Post or Greenvelope. You can customize your invitation exactly how you want—not to mention you can have the best of both worlds and send an alternative print version, too. Keeping track of your guests and communicating with them has never been easier, and neither has documenting your big day. See below!

Post, Share, And Go Viral

Last but certainty not least is posting and sharing special moments from your big day. What better way than a special hashtag? The wedding hashtag has become a big deal in the industry, and is often promoted throughout décor and tableware at the wedding and pre-wedding festivities. But social media has made sharing your wedding experience a lot easier in many more ways than just the hashtag. We’ve seen the use of social media prevalent in going viral. Anything from insanely coordinated first dances or adorable father-daughter dances have gained enormous amounts of attention. Try having your fifteen minutes of fame by going viral at your wedding. Talk about an incentive for creativity and originality!

There you have it: a few of the ways technology has changed the world of wedding planning forever. And although most of the wedding planning process has been digitalized for our own convenience, the actual wedding still must happen in the real world! This is why choosing the right venue is so important. At Imperial Palace, we provide everything from a stunning backdrop for your big day to world-class catering to excellent customer service. Check out the photo gallery for our beautiful Los Angeles wedding venue, or feel free to fill out a quick inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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